Ideas at Home

Housing Concepts in Architecture


Dana Vais

Housing Concepts: Addressing Habitation in Architecture’s Terms

Dana Vais

Gaia Caramellino

Looking at the Circulation of Models and Ideas Beyond Political Barriers Is of Crucial Importance

Rebecca Carrai

Normalizing the Home. A Synchronic Comparison Between the Ikéa Catalogue and God Bostad

Sanja Matijević Barčot

Ana Grgić

Between Political Agenda and Common Desire: Genealogy of Socialist Dwelling in Postwar Croatia (1945-1960)

Epp Lankots

Floor Area. Customizing the Socialist Standard of Good Life in a Soviet Summer Cottage

Maria Tassopoulou

The Question of Housing, Between Crisis and Opportunity. The Case of CIAM VI

Mónica Cruz Guáqueta

Charlotte Perriand’s Équipement : Beyond Modern Furniture

Savia Palate

Designing Playspaces for the Emerging Society of Car Owners in Post-War Council Housing in Britain

Chiara Ingrosso

The Condominio: The New Housing Model During the Italian Boom

Mariann Simon

The Pursuit of Low Cost and Good Quality. The Changing Judgement of Pre-Designed Family Houses in Hungary

Ilaria Maria Zedda

Beyond Façades: The Berlin Block and the Housing Issue at IBA 1987

Miruna Moldovan

Emergency Housing in Romania: Adapted or Specifically Designed

Claudiu Toma

Aspects of Domestic Living in the Mass-Media Society

Julia Kershaw

At Home in Twentieth-Century Brazil: An Analysis of Lygia Clark’s Models of Homes and Architectural Interiors

Élodie Degavre

Gérald Ledent

Life in Kit Form. Mass Customization in Playful Housing Experiments (Belgium, 1968–1983)

Lily Chi

Housing Agency

Cătălin Pavel

Notes on the Biography of Doors. Ianualogy in Casa del Menandro, Pompeii

Hazel Cowie

Regeneration and Heritage: Considering Static Heritage Narratives in Housing-Led Regeneration

Ana Šverko

Domesticity Within a Historical Centre: A Case for Safeguarding Diocletian’s Palace

Ana Maria Zahariade

Teodor Octavian Gheorghiu

Low-Rise High-Density “Semi-Collective” Housing. Thoughts, Ideas, and Proposals Over Four Decades