Aspects of Domestic Living in the Mass-Media Society


Claudiu Toma


  • contemporary living
  • mass media
  • digital society
  • time
  • media home

The text focuses on contemporary domestic life as influenced by the presence of new mass-media technologies, its structure and its internal and external spatial configurations, as well as the way it functions and is set up. The term “media-living” defines the habitation that is transformed by the presence of the new media, and the social human behavior inside the domestic space, induced by digital mass-media communication.

The present study describes certain modifications of contemporary living that occurred under the pressure of the development of digital mass media influence, which are turning the home into an end-product of novel experiences. This phenomenon is not unique, factual, or finalized; it rather constitutes one final aspect out of the many challenges laid down by modernity.

There are many aspects of everyday life that are now modified by the constant presence of mass media in our lives. We now experience an accelerated dynamic that has affected the way the individual relates to time and to the past, while the constant mass media presence has challenged home privacy and the relationships with those around us, objects or people. Our social life and all cultural aspects are now influenced by mass media. The home cannot remain indifferent to these changes.