Indigenous Aliens

Mediators of Architectural Modernity


Ana Maria Zahariade

Toader Popescu

Introduction. Behind the Big Picture

Horia Moldovan

An Alien Practice. “Town Architects” in 19th Century Romania

Andreea Udrea

Irina Calotă

Getting Global, Staying Local. The Turmoil of the First Steps towards Scientific Urban Planning – the Case of Cincinat Sfințescu

Gabriela Tabacu

Architect Florea Stănculescu or On Modernism in the Romanian Interwar Architecture as Negotiation Between Genius Loci and Zeitgeist

Miruna Stroe

Ascanio Damian, Trade Fair Designer Extraordinaire

Emma Letizia Jones

Rediscovering “The Australian Ugliness”. Robin Boyd and the Search for the Australian Modern

Ioana C. Popovici

“…the city as a part of nature and concrete as a kind of earth”. Japanese Architecture Meets 1960s–1980s Romanian Modernism

Anna Dempsey

Ben Youtz

Kelly Haigh

Re-viewing and Reimagining Paul Rudolph’s Brutalist Architecture in the USA and Southeast Asia

Ana Maria Zahariade

Radu Ponta

Professor Alifanti’s Notebooks

Tudor Elian

From Monumental Modernism to Local Bricolage. An interview with Șerban Sturdza