Mihaela Criticos
Ana Maria Zahariade
In 1939, in the opening of the Simetria magazine, George Matei Cantacuzino wrote: We are back on tracks. It is only when a critical overview of the results has been done that experience can be valid. We have succumbed to the most amazing and diverse ideologies whose denominations made their followers think they could do without a programme of their own. Architects have tried out all sorts of approaches, from obtuse nationalism to nameless internationalism; they have skimmed all books and confronted all documents; they have exploited the surface of the past since they have not taken the time to go into the innermost and intimate layers of things.
Surprisingly, his words are still true, and the necessity of the reflective stance he claims is still urgent. After a series of troubled times, of professional uncertainties and political intrusions, when criticism and reflective approaches were not encouraged, even after the free blooming of many architectural publications over the last twenty years, studies in architectural theory and history can hardly find a propitious editorial space. In fact, no publication committed to theoretical approaches to architecture and its connected fields exists in Romania as yet.
In this moment, the “Sanda Voiculescu” Department of History & Theory of Architecture and Heritage Conservation at “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest, while already enjoying the reputation of an established research body, endeavors to claim – through the sITA project – the missing editorial room that was lost when Simetria magazine ceased to be published in 1947.
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