Seasoned Modernism

Prudent Perspectives on an Unwary Past


Ana Maria Zahariade

Toader Popescu

Introduction. The Historicity of Modernism

Celia Ghyka

Stanislaus von Moos

A conversation with Stanislaus von Moos on the rooftop terrace of the Getty Research Institute

Miguel Lopez Melendez

The Modern Nostalgia. Architecture, Autonomy, Philosophy

Raluca Cristina Alexandra Becheru

The Morality of Bricks

Cosmin Caciuc

Reflexive Modernism and Weak Thought

Jaime J. Ferrer Forés

Third Generation of Modern Architecture and Contemporary Spanish Architecture. Jørn Utzon’s Legacy

Alexandru Sabău

Mélange Modernism: Case Studies of Alternative Architectural Practices at the Crossroads Between Modernism and Postmodernism

Slavica Stamatović Vučković

Jelena Bajić Šestović

Marija Ćaćić

Up and Down: Extra Spaces of Modernist Legacy in Montenegro

Cristina Purcar

Virgil Pop

Appropriations: Competing Modernisms in Transylvanian Railway Architecture, 1930s - 1940s

Mirela Duculescu

Indefinite Faces of Modernism: Notes on Design in Interwar and Socialist Romania

Siobhan Barry

Flights of Fancy – the Modernist Terminal in the 21st Century: The Cases of Gander International Airport, Canada and Trans World Airlines, USA

Natália Kvítková

Heritage Obscured: Undesirable Legacies of the Prior Department Stores in Slovakia

Levente Szabó

Modernism and Changing Historical Context. Case Study of the Former Electric Power Distributor Station of the Hungarian Electrical Grid

Ana Ivanovska Deskova

Vladimir Deskov

Jovan Ivanovski

Challenging Disregard: The Case of the Telecommunication Center in Skopje

Ákos Zsembery

Maja Toshikj

Modern Monument Preservation in Hungary: Should We Conserve the Modern Prostheses of Restoration?

Robert Hirsch

Ana Maria Zahariade

Karol Giełdon

Meeting Modernisms in Gdynia