Too Much or Not Enough


Radu Ponta

Introduction. Waver / Waiver

Dan Teodorovici

Sherban Cantacuzino. (Paris 1928 – London 2018)

Paco Mejias Villatoro

Tanzil Shafique

The Socio-pol-ethical Confluence of the Architect: The Idiot, the Activist and the Dreamer

Alice Finichiu

Augustin Schoenmaeckers

Architecture and Politics: The Ideology of Consensus Versus the Reality of Dissensus

Andreea Cel Mare

Henri Coandă’s Prefabricated Dwellings Between France and Romania

Gerardo Semprebon

Wenjun Ma

Luca Maria Francesco Fabris

The Shape of Social Policies. Architectural Experiences in London Between 1964 and 1979

Liliana Iuga

“Don’t Tell Me It Cannot Be Done; We Must Reach an Acceptable Solution!” Politics, Professionals, and Architectural Debates in Socialist Romania

Niloofar Amini

Modern Architecture as an Agency of Political Competition: The Case of Iran and Pakistan

Celia Ghyka

Călin Dan

Reverse-engineering Political Architecture. The House of the People and Its Hidden Social Effects

Miloš Stanković

1870-2018. Russia and the Balkans. The Case of the Unbuilt Orthodox Church in Cetinje, Montenegro

Alioscia Mozzato

Colin Rowe and Aldo Rossi. Utopia as Metaphor of a New City Analogous to the Existing One

Andrei Feraru

Roberta Borghi

What Light Can a School Project Shed on Politics?

Alexandru Sabău

Politics of Self-reference. Self-sufficient Discourses in 1980s Architecture