Limits within the Urban Realm


Ana Maria Zahariade

Kázmér Kovács

Introduction. Opening Limits

Alberto Pérez-Gómez

Architecture and the City: the Space of Participation

Valeria Montanari

Urban Walls: Examination and Possible Restoration. Two Case Studies

Sonja Vangjeli

Reframing Urban Boundaries: Lima’s Urban Black Holes

Vlatko P. Korobar

The Encounter at the Margins of City and Society: the Case of the Aerodrom Housing Area in Skopje

Ștefan Ghenciulescu

Porosity and Collisions. About Bucharest and its Limits

Eunice Seng

The City in a Building: a Brief Social History of Urban Hong Kong

Sorana Rădulescu

Interior Public Spaces. Addressing the Inside-Outside Interface

Irina-Teodora Nemțeanu

Constructed Jewish Spaces. Exploring Traces in 19th Century Moldavia

Tomas Cole

The Architecture of Margins: an Exploration of Civic Architecture and its Representation of Political Administration in Sarajevo, Ljubljana, and Skopje

Paco Mejias Villatoro

Tanzil Shafique

The Fiction of the Equal: Boundary Disappearance and Border Neutralization in the American City

Vlad Thiery

The Fences We Build