Architectures of Uncertain Margins


Kázmér Kovács

Introduction. Inquiries on the Idea of Margins in the Theory of Architecture and Urban Planning

Simina Anamaria Purcaru

Marginal Theory. Restoring Poiēsis in Architecture

Valeria Federighi

Making the Brain of the System Mad. Or Not. Critical Encounters between Marginal Practices and Their Narrated Self

Luísa Alpalhão

Informal Structures. An Eulogy to Making

Ivana Vlaić

Ana Šverko

Analogous Urbanism as Discourse. Robert Adam and Urban Space in Contemporary Split

Cristina Purcar

“A Fabulous Painting in which I Would Live” Paul Delvaux’s Pictorial Poetic of the Railway Periphery between Art and Urban History

Irina Băncescu

Reclaiming a Land of Overlapping Frontiers. The Romanian Seaside until the 20th Century

Toader Popescu

On the Nation’s Margins. Territorial and Urban Policies during the Romanian Administration of Southern Dobrudja (1913-1940)

Diana Mihnea

Cities of Transylvania and the 1921 Agrarian Reform. Negotiations and Decisions Halfway Between Administrative Autonomy and Centralization

Alice Isabella Sullivan

Architectural Pluralism at the Edges. The Visual Eclecticism of Medieval Monastic Churches in Eastern Europe

Monique Webber

Monumental Marginalia. Borders of Space and Authority in Contemporary Australia

Catrìona Macdonald

The Liberation of Identity. The Margin Redraws the Museum – a Preliminary Study

Cosmin Minea

The Monastery of Curtea de Argeș and Romanian Architectural Heritage in the Late 19th Century

Dana Vais

The Productive Role of Margins. Architectural Discourse in the Late 1960s Romania

Giacomo Pala

Architecture as a Margin within the Negotiation between Reality and Utopia

Laura Bowie

Protest and Marginalized Urban Space. 1968 in West Berlin