De Urbanitate

Tales of Urban Lives and Spaces


Daniela Calciu

Ana Maria Zahariade

Introduction. Avatars of an Elusive Concept

Daniela Calciu

Thomas Sieverts

… this is something we could dwell on, and create something new, perhaps even more stable in terms of urbanity. An interview with the German architect and urban planner Thomas Sieverts

Pierre Maréchaux

Urbanitas against Urbanism: a Latin Paradox

Monique Webber

Created Memories: (Mis)identification of Monuments in Early Modern Rome

Hanna Derer

Building Urbanity in Bucharest

Alioscia Mozzato

Reyner Banham and Aldo Rossi. Two Possible Urban Images of the “Second Machine Age”

Olena Oliynyk

The Architectural Image of Kiev’s Central Square as a Symbol of National Identity

Udo Greinacher

From Good Looks to Substance: Savannah’s Numerous Attempts at Self-preservation

Philippe Forêt

Rua de Macau 澳門街 – Heterotopic Urbanity in the Celebration of Place, Memory and Identity

Theodora Müller-Balauru

Of Other Spaces in Berlin: On Urban Transformation and Romanian Roma

Alan Parkes

Don’t Forget the Streets: New York City Hardcore Punk and the Struggle for Inclusive Space

Celia Ghyka

Urbanity and Civil Society. The Rise of a New Urban Generation in Bucharest during the 2000s

Ileana Apostol

Urbanity and the Right to Difference

Jasna Mariotti

Divna Pencic

Changing Perspectives of Urbanity during Socialism and after: the Case of Two Neighborhoods in Skopje

Tudor Elian

The City as Collaborative Field. Tackling Informal Spatial Practices in Bucharest

Șerban Țigănaș

Learning from Ourselves