Reading and Writing Architecture

Polish Architectural Magazines (1945-1989)


Piotr Marciniak


  • communism
  • journals
  • architecture
  • urban planning
  • Poland

Despite being very extensive, the literature discussing Polish town planning and architecture, especially that of the post-war years, is fragmentary and incomplete. During the time in question, over a dozen magazines that focused on matters related to town planning and architecture were published. The first architectural magazines in communist Poland were printed already in 1947. Their contribution to the recording of spatial phenomena in the People’s Republic of Poland, as well as to the presentation of theoretical approaches and to architectural education is of undeniable importance.

The Polish periodical press regarding architecture and urban planning was based on several major magazines, for example ArchitekturaMiasto and Kwartalnik Architektury i Urbanistyki. There were also a considerable number of trade and university publications in addition to some less important titles. To date many of these constitute an important archival source and bear testimony to the past. The paper presents an outline of Polish periodicals on this subject and their role and significance for further research on architecture in the People’s Republic of Poland and the entire Eastern Europe.